Escape Hunt

A shrewd art theft, mysterious puzzles, dangerous collaborations and an unprecedented chase across Europe. The thrilling Escape Game - now at the place of your choice!

BREAKING NEWS: Probably the most sneaky art robber in our criminal history is after the most valuable art treasures in Europe. The self-proclaimed "wolf" plans his thefts so cleverly that he leaves no trace except for his wolf graffiti. So who can solve the mystery? Who can stop the wolf?

THE MISSION: As a newly formed special unit of Europol, your teams take up this challenge. Armed with an iPad and an ominous parcel with a locked box, they set out on the trail of the art robber.

After a telephone conference with Special Agent Gorodenkoff and a video message with a declaration of war on the wolf, the chase begins. With the Mobile Serious Game Software, digital elements are always linked with analogue material. Coordinates must be read correctly, a vault has to be opened and objects of art need to be examined. But what's the story with the mysterious newspaper seller in front of the Louvre?

Shortly before the grand finale, the wolf himself appears via video message with a threat and the most dangerous mission. Can the teams defuse a bomb in time and defeat the wolf? Who will keep their nerves? An exciting race begins!

Our service

  • Event preparations: consulting, timing and scheduling, adjustments to your individual end location
  • Event implementation: fully managed event with experienced and motivated Event Leader and Guides (introduction, team positioning, support, showdown)
  • Team equipment: team bag incl. tablet
  • Software features: live score, team visibility, souvenir pictures

Additional costs depending on venue and complexity of the event

Escape Hunt at the place of your choice - Outdoor or Indoor

City or country, Outdoor or Indoor. The mission Escape Hunt can be completed anywhere. All you need is to keep cool and a good nose. Let us know where you are and Agent Gorodenkoff will contact you immediately. Because there is not much time left.

Only for our customers and absolutely unique in the team event sector

Bad weather alternative: worried about wet feet? No problem. Switch from the outdoor version to the indoor version up to 48 hours before the event - free of charge, of course!


throughout Switzerland, Basel, Berne, Zurich, Lucerne, Solothurn, Thun, Interlaken, Schaffhausen, Kreuzlingen/Konstanz, St. Gallen, Lausanne, Geneva, Chur
10 to 1000 persons
2 hours
from CHF 69.00 per person, depending on the group size (excl. VAT.) **
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Escape Hunt Benefits

The perfect mix of strategy, leadership and fun

At the location of your choice

This event format can be held at any location. Play with your colleagues at the office, conference and seminar hotel, restaurant, Christmas party or in the summer also on the cosy garden terrace. It doesn’t matter where you are, we will bring the game to the location of your choice.


With this game, we encourage the communicative skills of the participants. This includes giving and receiving feedback. The capacity for dialogue, the active listening and engaging in the views and arguments of others are basic elements for mutual trust and to prevent possible misunderstandings.

Team activity and team spirit

Each individual needs to take an active role and interact as well as communicate with his/her team members. For a successful cooperation respect, trust and appreciation are essential. The learning: Every single one of us is jointly responsible for the overall success.