Movie Academy Remote

The Movie Academy Remote challenges participants to transform company messages, new strategies or values into dynamic and exciting short movies. This creative event promotes online communication as well as team spirit and brings your employees a welcome and important change in their daily remote life.

After a short group briefing by our event manager via video conference, your group will be divided into small teams. Each team will receive a guide to creat the short movie. We are happy to use your video tool or alternatively our solution.

Company messages, strategies, products or values are translated into dynamic and exciting short movies. The teams discuss the various scenes together and work out an implementation plan for their film assignment. After the roles have been distributed within the team, the first scene starts. The teams film the scenes with their mobile phones and send them directly to our editing studio. Our event managers receive them in real time and then edit the individual scenes into a finished short movie.

Alternatively, for example, a #DontRushChallenge can be re-enacted, in which an object (company logo, new product or everyday object) moves from one remote workplace to another in a chain reaction.

Every participant is involved and communication in the planning and realisation of the short film is very important for the success of the project. The participants experience that with the right approach and the right communication tools, physical separation is not an obstacle to a functioning collaboration.

Tell us about your film idea or let our creative team develop a unique idea for your company. We promise an unforgettable experience for the team cohesion and it's 100% remote!

Our service

  • Event preparations: consulting, timing and scheduling
  • Event implementation: fully managed event with experienced and motivated Event Manager (Introduction, team division, moderation, support, showdown with award ceremony)
  • Team equipment: each participant must have a laptop/computer with webcam and a smartphone
  • Software: Skype, Teams, Zoom or your in-house video tool

Virtual Apéro as emotional finish

What ideas do you have for the perfect digital team event? Perhaps you would like to conclude the event with a virtual aperitif? Have a drink with your colleagues and exchange experiences. Talk to us and we will be happy to support you in the realisation of your individual and unique event.


Remote Event
10 to 500 persons
1-4 hours
from CHF 39.00 per person, depending on the group size (excl. VAT.) **
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Movie Academy Remote Benefits

From the place of your choice

Remote events can be used wherever greater distances have to be bridged or where a face-to-face meeting is not efficient. During the current Covid19 pandemic, many employees work from their home offices. We help you to bring your teams together virtually and will strengthen the team spirit even in times of webinars, video conferences and online meetings.

Online Communication

With this game we promote the communicative online skills of the participants. This concerns both, giving and receiving feedback. The ability to engage in dialogue, to actively listen and to let others speak out, are very important qualities in online communication. This game helps to build mutual trust and prevent possible misunderstandings in this for many new ways of communication.

Team activity and team spirit

Each individual needs to take an active role and interact as well as communicate with his/her team members. For a successful cooperation respect, trust and appreciation are essential. The learning: Every single one of us is jointly responsible for the overall success.