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The Conference Hotel Mövenpick Regensdorf has more to offer then only conference rooms. The team from tabevents complements the fantastic room facilities of the Conference Hotel Mövenpick Regensdorf with the matching framework programmes. We offer you an interactive interruption whereby your participants experience a lot of fun and excitement during interactive challenges and also have the chance to clear their mind.

Option 1: Quizduell

The interactive strategy game combines fun and knowledge in a unique way and displays in about 60 to 90 Minutes the exciting side of sport, culture, gourmet, science and much more.

Divided in small teams, the participants get easy to use tablets that connect all participating teams with each other. An exciting challenge starts. Different categories are played, depending on the strength and strategy of the individual teams, they themselves choose the approach, completely independently and according to desire and strengths of the team. If a task is solved correctly, the team receives the points in real time, which will not be hidden from the other teams. The direct feedback makes you want more. It stays exciting until the showdown. Bring your participants onto different thoughts and surprise them with this exciting framework programme.

Option 2: Escape Game

The concept of an Escape Game or Escape Room is fascinating more and more people. In the process, tricky puzzles have to be solved and exciting team tasks have to be mastered.

You would like to know exactly what happens? Let yourself be surprised, it’s part of the game. Only so much should be revealed: In a team, a big box needs to be opened and that of course within the given time. The history of communication is the red thread of the Escape Game. Cool riddles and challenging tasks need to be solved within the team. In this game, each participant will understand what the word teamwork really means. The Escape Game is a thrilling team game in which everyone can contribute in his own unique way.

We are happy to advise you and organize an unforgettable afternoon or evening in combination of a successful meeting in the Mövenpick Hotel Regensdorf.

A team of professionals

A team of professionals is waiting for you. tabevents and the Hotel Mövenpick are a well-tuned team. For you, that means a minimum of time and maximum convenience for the coordination and organisation of the conference and the framework programme. Leave the work up to us and save precious time for other projects.

And like this you start the request:

Send us an Email or call us. We are happy to advise which event will match best to your group. After checking the availability, you will receive an offer from the hotel and tabevents. Take your time and look at our proposal. It is only the decision you need to make alone.

We are happy to advise you and organize an unforgettable afternoon or evening in combination of a successful meeting in the Mövenpick Hotel Regensdorf.


20 to 500 persons
from 1 hour
from CHF 69.00 per person, depending on the group size (excl. VAT.)
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Seminar Event Mövenpick Benefits

The perfect mix of teamwork, digitalisation and fun.

Large groups

You want to carry out an event for several hundered people? With this event concept it is possible to send up to 1000 participants on an interactice journey within only a short time.


2.0 was yesterday, 4.0 is tomorrow. The digitalisation changes our whole life and behaviour. This also applies to processes and activities of the economy and establishes new chances and possibilities. Our digital concepts highlight the positive aspect of digitalisation and bring a lot of fun.


With this game, we encourage the communicative skills of the participants. This includes giving and receiving feedback. The capacity for dialogue, the active listening and engaging in the views and arguments of others are basic elements for mutual trust and to prevent possible misunderstandings.