X-Mas Escape Game

The countdown is running: Santa Claus needs the help of your team. In this gripping Christmas challenge, it's time to help Santa Claus with his problem. The navigation software of his sledge is threatened by a computer virus. An exciting game against time begins...

The concept of an Escape Game or Escape Room is fascinating more and more people. Suitable for every Christmas event or Christmas dinner we now offer the new X-Mas Edition of our exciting Escape Game. The focus lies on solving tricky and exciting riddles that need to be figured out as a team.

You would like to know what exactly will happen? Let yourself be surprised, it’s part of the game. But let us tell you this: The delivery of all Christmas presents worldwide is in danger. Your team is Santas last hope. Help Santa Claus and find the needed anti-virus software. To do so, the teams will need to solve cool riddles and challenging tasks. In this game, every participant will understand what the word teamwork really means.

Play with your colleagues in the office at the Christmas party, during a workshop, in a restaurant or event location. No matter where you are, we bring the X-Mas Escape Game to the location of your choice.

Our Service

  • Event preparations: consulting, timing and scheduling, adjustments to your individual location
  • Event implementation: fully managed event with experienced and motivated Event Leader and Guides in Christmas costumes (introduction, team positioning, support, showdown)
  • Team equipment: X-Mas Escape Game box and many other Escape Game tools, tablet with mobile internet connection
  • Event conclusion: souvenir pictures

Additional costs depending on venue and complexity of the event


throughout Switzerland, Basel, Berne, Zurich, Lucerne, Solothurn, Thun, Interlaken, Schaffhausen, Kreuzlingen/Konstanz, St. Gallen, Lausanne, Geneva, Chur
10 bis 200 pers.
1.5 hours
from CHF 75.00 per person, depending on the group size (excl. VAT.)
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X-Mas Escape Game Benefits

Team activity and team spirit

Each individual needs to take an active role and interact as well as communicate with his/her team members. For a successful cooperation respect, trust and appreciation are essential. The learning: Every single one of us is jointly responsible for the overall success.

At the location of your choice

This event format can be held at any location. Play with your colleagues at the office, conference and seminar hotel, restaurant, Christmas party or in the summer also on the cosy garden terrace. It doesn’t matter where you are, we will bring the game to the location of your choice.


With this game, we encourage the communicative skills of the participants. This includes giving and receiving feedback. The capacity for dialogue, the active listening and engaging in the views and arguments of others are basic elements for mutual trust and to prevent possible misunderstandings.