Our happy Clients

We love technology, but not as much as happy human beings.

  • MGB, Marketing MGB

    MGB, Marketing MGB

    «We have witnessed a sensational afternoon with a great activity and a great atmosphere. It was the right mix of exercise, teambuilding and fun and the teams showed a great spirit for competition. Despite initial concerns about the season we can also highly recommend tabevents for cooler days. Many thanks to Simone and her team. Thank you for your passion, professionalism and talent for improvisation!»

  • Stadtspital Waid, Kommunikation & Marketing

    Stadtspital Waid, Kommunikation & Marketing

    «Thanks to the Waid Rallye we can provide our employees with an exciting, diverse and surprising start. Nobody is sad about leaving the old PowerPoint presentations behind. Furthermore the question and answer concept forces you to focus on the essentials while assembling the subjects. In this way you only give the employees what is really necessary for their first days at work.»

  • CEMEX Research Group AG, Sabrina Renz, HR

    CEMEX Research Group AG, Sabrina Renz, HR

    «Our Crime Academy was organized down to the last detail. During the planning phase we were perfectly looked after and the event therefore was even a bigger success than expected. Inspector Nicolas prepared us well for the tasks and he enabled us to have a great afternoon full of fun and impressive team experiences. The crime tasks were exciting and we were brooding over the missions we had to solve. Our team spirit evolved from task to task. Thank you very much! We will come back!»

  • Melectronics, Sanchika Michael - Marketing

    Melectronics, Sanchika Michael - Marketing

    «tabevents has enabled us to make employee training more lively and digital. Our employees had a lot of fun and finished the rally with a lot of joy. Many thanks to tabevents for the professional and elaborate development of the game!»

  • iqual, Internetagentur

    iqual, Internetagentur

    «During our debriefing after the company trip it was obvious that all of us were enthused about the Crime Academy in Berne!

    The preparation and organisation were fabulous. Thanks so much also to Svenja who was absolutely professional and impressed with her pleasant nature. The missions of the Crime Academy varied and each of the participants was challenged in a different way. We experienced most certainly not one boring minute! 

    In the name of the iqual-Team we would like to thank you for this experience. We will come back to you guys for our next team event.» 😊 

  • BISNODE D&B SCHWEIZ AG, Roger Krüger

    BISNODE D&B SCHWEIZ AG, Roger Krüger

    «The Mount Everest Challenge was exactly what we were looking for and it fitted perfectly into our workshop. The tasks were varied and required the cooperation of all group members. We were very well looked after and had a lot of fun!»

  • Saviva, Marketing

    Saviva, Marketing

    «All the participants really enjoyed the event and were enthusiastic about it for a long time. The cooperation and preparation of the event with the tabevents team were straightforward and the realisation was well organized. Any time again!»

  • Lyreco, Tina Kempf

    Lyreco, Tina Kempf

    «tabevents has enabled us to communicate the change of perspective in the context of customer centricity to our employees in a lively and digital way. Our employees had a lot of fun and completed the quiz with a lot of verve. Many thanks to tabevents for the professional and individualized development of the game!» 

  • Roche, Social Service

    Roche, Social Service

    «tabevents has felt our huge excitement and implemented it in a creative and technical way. They have managed to embed our vision into their great concept and lead us into a scenario, that has not occurred yet, but is waiting in front of our doors to be created and shaped. A compliment for this performance.»

  • Life Scan, Marketing - Michaela Boczek

    Life Scan, Marketing - Michaela Boczek

    «We wished to pack teambuilding, product knowledge and fun in one event activity and were able to realize this because of your great commitment with only two weeks of preparation. Thank you very much for your straightforward and professional organisation! The customized City Explorer was the perfect side-event for the product launch and allowed us to discover the gorgeous city of Lucerne. Our teams were fascinated, participated in the event with enthusiasm and would probably still hunt for points if we hadn’t stopped them. We are looking forward to meeting you again in another town.»