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Merger enersuisse „Grande Réunion“


The service company enersuisse AG, founded by the three energy companies EKZ, Primeo Energie, and Romande Energie, began its operations in January 2019. Through the merger, enersuisse manages a portfolio of nearly 900,000 customers, making it the largest service company in the Swiss energy sector. The company employs approximately 194 staff members in Zurich, Dietikon, Morges, Olten, and Münchenstein.

The first official meeting of all three energy companies took place at the Stade de Suisse in Bern during the "Grande Réunion." On this day, the young company aims to develop a sense of unity and demonstrate that the merger allows everyone to benefit from each other's strengths and capabilities. At the same time, different perspectives are to be experienced and accepted. The motto of the day, "Together we are stronger," is intended to be conveyed emotionally.


To be successful as a company, enersuisse doesn't need loners but team players. The venue and the shared activity should convey this message.

The Interaction Game by tabevents more than lives up to this motto and can be easily integrated into the desired flow of our customers. Thirteen German-speaking and six French-speaking teams are given the mission to deactivate a software virus within 66 minutes. They have to solve tricky puzzles to accomplish this. Just like in a football game at the Stade de Suisse, metaphorically speaking, it requires agile forwards, enduring midfielders, foresighted defenders, and a swift goalkeeper. If one link is missing, the whole team becomes weaker. Only through collective effort and good communication within the team can this task be achieved.

The Interaction Game emotionally conveyed the motto "Together we are stronger" to enersuisse employees and made it tangible. As a final highlight, the team was crowned as the winner and celebrated on the first place on the Stade de Suisse's grandstand.

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The employees are still enthusiastic about the great impressions they had during the "Grande Réunion". They liked the Escape Hunt the most. This game represents all the components we need as enersuisse and as a team to reach our goals. The game was perfectly organized by tabevents and wonderfully directed. I personally have never felt such a positive spirit at a social game. It was great! "

enersuisse AG - Program Manager Digital Transformation, Mirco Plozza