Case Study

Anniversary Event "20 Years of GLB V"

The brief

Mobiliar is the oldest private insurance company in Switzerland, insuring every third household and every third company.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Insurance Management Division, around 1'000 employees gathered in the impressive setting of the PostFinance Arena in Bern. In addition to exciting contributions from the leadership team, an individually created team challenge was intended to be a highlight of the celebration. The customer's request and thus our main goal was to transform the thread of the Insurance Management Division team into captivating puzzles and humorous anecdotes. Sporty team tasks were also intended to provide an absolute thrill.Sporty team tasks were also meant to provide the ultimate thrill!

We were determined to create unforgettable moments that would surpass the boundaries of the ordinary. Our aim was a team challenge full of energy, fun, and groundbreaking experiences.

The solution and result

Together with Mobiliar, we developed an innovative and tailor-made concept for the employees. During the GLB V team challenge, 90 teams were challenged with captivating questions about GLB V, entertaining photo challenges and fascinating sustainability facts. This created a dynamic atmosphere where teamwork, fun and interaction among employees were at the center.

The highlight was outside the arena - the SPORTactive tasks! The Mobiliar employees quickly managed to score not one, not two, but three balls in the target wall! The jubilation knew no bounds. But that's not all, they also created action-packed team photos and videos and even balanced two ice hockey pucks on a stick until the finish line. It was a show of superlatives!

After the challenge, the teams were rewarded with a dinner accompanied by an emotional showdown where the winning team was crowned. Then the dance floor was conquered, and the celebrations reached their peak!

The anniversary of GLB V was duly celebrated on that day. Before the expectant eyes of the participants, an unforgettable celebration took place, igniting the spirit of competition and collaboration among the employees as they overcame obstacles together and celebrated triumphant successes. The team challenge will remain a fond memory for both Mobiliar and us for a long time. 20 years of GLB V! Congratulations!

Customer Mobiliar

Mobiliar Anniversary Event "20 Years of GLB V"


PostFinance Arena Bern

Number of people




«Tabevents managed to implement our demanding wishes: Nearly 1000 people were supposed to be divided into teams to solve puzzles, create, and compete together - all while having fun. The team challenge was definitely a highlight of our event. We thank tabevents for the meticulous and reliable planning and execution, as well as for the uncomplicated collaboration!»

Die Mobiliar - Bettina Nägeli, Geschäftsleitungsbereich Versicherungen