Case Study

Safety training as an iPad team game

The brief

Until now, armasuisse conducted annual physical evacuation exercises with its employees. Due to the changed framework conditions (employees increasingly work in home offices), an alternative, contemporary and efficient form had to be found for the evacuation exercise. The employees were to work on the serious topic of evacuation at the workplace and various other safety topics in small groups in a motivating manner. The new form of evacuation exercise should enable all employees to behave correctly during an evacuation and provide a seamless, effective and individual overall experience in a small team. Armasuisse was therefore looking for a tool that would provide employees with this important knowledge in an exciting and memorable way.

Armasuisse was receptive to the idea of working through the multifaceted security topics in a playful environment. The basic idea of so-called serious gaming was to be further evaluated. Is it possible to develop a game that is not only entertaining but also conveys these important topics?

The solution and result

In cooperation with tabevents, suitable content for the game was defined, which then was converted into a serious gaming format. The result is a 100-minute game in which the teams deal with central topics such as evacuation, cyber security, the safe use of social media, medical emergencies and other relevant safety topics as well as error culture. The game, which is played with iPads via an adaptation of the tabevents app, takes employees to various locations on the company premises. For example, they walk along various escape routes and visit the assembly point and first-aid room. Once the teams arrive at a location, they are given a task that focuses on the content of the corresponding training materials. To increase the game dynamics and fun, various tools of serious gaming are deliberately applied. 

The game has already been played by over 50 teams, which is why an initial representative feedback could be evaluated. The feedback from employees is well over 90% positive. The employees rate the Safety & Security training as particularly instructive and varied and also as extremely entertaining and dynamic. The team building aspect is rated extremely positively. The teams of 4 to 8 people each have a lot of fun exploring the area together and are subject to moderate time pressure due to the limited playing time. In this way, not only important knowledge is effectively imparted, but new contacts are also made and team spirit is strengthened. Due to the positive feedback, the serious gaming format is currently being considered for further locations.

Customer armasuisse

Safety training as an iPad team game



Number of people

1000 pro Jahr



«The cooperation with tabevents worked smoothly from the creation of the game to the start-up and beyond. A creative and extremely service-oriented company that seems to know how to implement even the craziest ideas. It is a great pleasure to work with tabevents.«»

armasuisse - Angela Pestalozzi, Leitung Integrale Sicherheit