Corona pushes digital transformation

Digitale Events

After the start of the home office obligation, it quickly became clear that full access to all documents and systems as well as an online communication tool are not sufficient for a successful home office implementation. Loneliness, demotivation and an emotional distance from the company are frequently mentioned downsides of remote workers. The fact is that digital transformation requires a new mindset that affects every employee, which is why they need to be actively involved in the transformation process. Employees must recognize the opportunities and thus be motivated to acquire new key competencies themselves, to network with people through curiosity, and to share knowledge. So, in order for employees to develop digitally, appropriate opportunities and experiences must be created.

To support companies on the journey of digital transformation, we too had to reorient ourselves. The result is experiential remote events, which are a great way to unite people. Because more than ever, in the age of online meetings, companies need to strengthen communication and the sense of "us" among employees.

And what happens after the pandemic? Then we understandably want to meet physically again, but digital transformation will continue to be highly topical. That's why not only our remote events, but also our outdoor and indoor activities wrap digital transformation in a special kind of adventure. For example, all of our team events emphasize the positive aspects of digitalization, such as networking and real-time. Employees experience how enriching the digitalization process can be. The skills that researchers say are essential for the future, such as creativity, social skills and an understanding of digital transformation, are also promoted in our event concepts.

Your employees are the most important factor in digital transformation. So take them along for the ride by inspiring them with a digital experience from tabevents - whether indoor, outdoor or remote. Because only with the self-motivation of your employees can a successful digital transformation in the company succeed.