Digital Transformation in the Enterprise

Digital transformation is en vogue. A term that belongs to the permanent topics in companies of all industries. The goal is to make the company more independent, dynamic and customer-centric. This is not about a clearly defined business area, but about a horizontal change across all areas. It is a new way of thinking that affects every employee, which is why they must be actively involved in the change process. The question of how managing directors take their employees on the path of digital transformation is therefore a justified one. An important basis is to emphasize the opportunities and possibilities. Employees must be motivated to acquire new key competencies and qualifications, to turn classic structures upside down, to network with people through curiosity and to exchange knowledge. In order to advance this goal, companies must create appropriate opportunities and experiences.

In order to support companies on their journey of digital transformation, tabevents has specialized in digital team and event experiences. All our team concepts pack the digital transformation into an adventure of a special kind. They are digital, interactive and sometimes even individually adaptable. On the one hand, the positive aspects of digitalization, such as networking and real-time, are emphasized. The employees experience how communication-promoting, enriching and connecting digital transformation can be. On the other hand, the key competencies required for this are strengthened, such as the courage to break new ground, break out of the comfort zone and think differently. According to the researchers, future-oriented qualifications such as creativity, social competence and an understanding of digital transformation are also promoted in the event concepts.

Take your employees on the path of digital transformation by inspiring them with a digital experience of tabevents. Because only with the self-motivation and the knowledge of your employees a successful digital transformation in the company can succeed.