tabevents News Grossgruppe

1. Strengthens team spirit

Groups with up to ten participants are send on an interactive journey during a digital scavenger hunt. During the game, the teams orientate themselves with an interactive map on the tablet pc or smartphone. On the map, the own position and the tasks of the game are shown. After the start, the participants discover the surrounding area and head towards pre-defined coordinates using GPS signals. There are many different tasks: For example, a riddle or a request, to search or photograph an object. Real team players win the game. In the end, those that define the best strategy and know the strengths and weaknesses of their team, will collect the most points by solving the tasks.

2. Variety instead boredom

The classic seminar day is often characterized by many presentations and a lot of coffee. A digital real-time experience offers a convenient change without the knowledge transfer being shortened. Thanks to modern technology, learning is not connected to a specific location any more. In the framework of a digital scavenger hunt, the participants leave the meeting room equipped with tablet PC's and smartphones and as a team search for tasks and riddles in buildings and outdoors. This small adventure is a good opportunity to get some fresh air and get to know colleagues better by the team tasks. The topics from the seminar plan will not be forgotten, but simply conveyed into approachable milestones.

3. Playful learning

When the teams arrive at designated location, the related tasks will appear on the display. In this way it is possible to convert a comparatively dry topic, such as a security briefing, into a smart digital scavenger hunt. With targeted questions, the organizer is capable to find out what level of knowledge the participants have. A vote would also be possible to see how employees rate certain things. The application possibilities are extremely diverse and can be adapted very precisely to the respective requirements.

4. Break new ground

A digital scavenger hunt converts cities and landscapes into interactive playgrounds. On exact coordinates, riddles and tasks are deposited on a digital map. To find these tasks, the players need to orientate themselves by GPS signals. If they reach the coordinate, the task appears on the display. In this way, the teams learn and experience things to know of the history and tradition of the location. Many organizers, deliberately refer to the content of places into their event.

5. Group events

tabevents sets new standards in the area of large group events. In Berlin 500, Bern 650 and in Barcelona 700 participants have attended a successful tabevent. However, the limits are still far from being reached. Up to 1.000 players can start simultaneously. And that in many different locations – even worldwide.

6. Fun through real-time communication

Creating the right strategy and then finding the way to the creative tasks with the own team is already a lot of fun. It is enhanced by the possibility to stay in touch with all the other teams during the event. With the tablet PC's or smartphones, short messages or photos can be exchanged via UMTS. Additionally, every player can see the position of all the other teams on the interactive map on their display.

7. Exact evaluation

The tablet PC's and smartphones are always connected to each other by UMTS. This data stream enables the exact evaluation of the event. The operator collects and analyzes all the data. Therefore, he can present a detailed evaluation to the organizer and participants even in the aftermath. The course of the game can be shown in time lapse or strategic decisions of individual teams can be viewed retrospectively.

8. Applicable worldwide

A digital scavenger hunt can be carried out basically worldwide. Even in many different locations simultaneously. The only condition is a UMTS connection so the devices can connect to each other. If the connections should be disabled here and there during the usage, do not worry. Our app does have an off-line security. In emergencies, the emergency–card will help where all relevant telephone numbers, emergency departments and the code of conduct are noted.

9. No paper-warfare

With a tabevent, surveys and questionnaires can be easily filled out on the display of the mobile devices. Organizers of post-grad training can not only save material, costs and time, the evaluation takes place fully digital. The input of data by hand is no longer required and the result is shown on the screen within seconds.

10. Open for ideas

tabevents offers many application possibilities and does not set any boundaries content wise. Companies can not only adjust the user interface and adapt it to their corporate design, they also can predetermine the topical focus as well as the content. Thanks to the experience of the tabevents crew, concrete questions and tasks are integrated into the course of the game so that they do not appear disturbing and preferably deliver an unadulterated feedback. Also, small movies or other multimedia elements can be integrated without any problems.