Who does not like to think of the scavenger hunts of his childhood. Full of excitement we ran through the streets or the forest hoping to find clues and snippets that would lead the way. No matter if young or old; searching, finding and puzzling is fun and provides unforgettable moments. tabevents connects the traditional concept with the latest technologies. From old to new: The digital scavenger hunt 2.0, which fascinates in the age of digitalisation.

Scavenger hunt 2.0: City Explorer

The scavenger hunt concept from tabevents is named City Explorer. The name speaks for itself. Exploring the cities of the world with a tablet. The teams are equipped with iPads that have a specially developed software installed. Let’s go on an exciting and interactive digital scavenger hunt through the city of your choice. With the iPad, the teams can find and solve the tasks in the defined game field. The tasks can only be solved when the teams are close to the coordinate of the chosen task. This feature is called location based. It can be played in all Swiss cities no matter if Basel, Bern, Lucerne, Zürich or Geneva.

The task types are different from location to location and are depending on the city, the season or the game concept. In a photo tasks, for example, the teams need to find and then take a photo of an object or person. In a riddle, the teams need to combine the clues of the history of the local area to find the answer. Additionally, the video function and other different medial elements make it diverse and the teams need to deliver creative and clever answers to the tasks. Teamwork, thinking outside the box and a good strategy will lead the best team to success. Specially designed teambuilding tasks can be individually included if wished. As well the integration of company-specific questions into the tasks portfolio can be arranged as another special highlight of the event.

All of this does not have a lot in common with the scavenger hunt from our childhood. tabevents offers what was missing in conventional scavenger hunts with pen and paper: Individuality and real-time communications. Especially the real-time communication ensures a lot of fun and excitement. When a task is solved correctly, the team directly receives the points. At the same time, the teams always see the position and points of all the other teams. Check out our website for the versatile possibilities of this unique and modern variant of the scavenger hunt. We are happy to help.