Games have always been played - in all epochs and cultures. Albert Einstein once said: "The game is the highest form of research." What is new, however, is the trend towards "gamification", which makes products, services, learning materials and advertising messages more attractive through playful applications.

Gamification is considered one of the biggest trends. According to a study by the Gartner market research institute, by 2014 around 70 percent of all major companies will be using playful applications - for the search for new employees, for training or for marketing.

tabevents is continuing this development and offers exciting solutions in the field of knowledge transfer through the use of mobile technologies. One of the advantages of the tabevents concepts is the combination of the real and the digital world. Because knowledge which is mediated actively (in motion) and not behind the desk or in the seminar area, anchors itself demonstrably better with the participant. With the possibilities offered by today's mobile technologies, we make specific use of tablet PCs and smartphones. In connection with our application, digital scavenger hunts, challenges and quizzes are created with which you can convey your messages in a targeted manner.

For example, long-term and repetitive trainings such as safety procedures can be conveyed more easily and, above all, more excitingly with experiencable scenarios. Sales teams must also be continuously trained and tested for new products. It often turns out to be difficult for all partners to participate and understand the message and is a challenge, especially in large companies. tabevents enables companies to analyze and measure behavior.

To successfully complete each concept, participants develop strategic skills, passion as well as commitment and competition. The concepts and offers of tabevents also provide a great tool for overcoming language and educational barriers regardless of educational level. It enables learning in a wide variety of group compositions and even allows you to have fun while learning.

What do you want to convey in a sustainable and analyzable way? Tell us about your plans and we will be happy to advise you.