Second solar panel in Indian school is ready for installation

The time has come! With the help of the "Sustainable India Project" of the Belgian Kelly Mermuys we can already install the second solar panel in an Indian school by the end of October. The primary school in Katavaran includes three classes and 82 children, whose school conditions will be greately improved thanks to the new solar energy. The headmistress Mrs. Danalakshmi emphasizes the impact the solar roof will have on the primary school: With solar electricity we will provide a pump on our bore well so that water is easier available. Our radio, TV and PC will not be disturbed anymore by the frequent power cuts." The better school conditions thus increase the quality of education and this in turn improves the achievement and motivation of the pupils over a long period of time.

The aim of the "Sustainable India Project" is to equip six public schools in Telangana State around Hyderabad with photovoltaic solar systems and emergency power batteries. This can improve and positively influence the lives of more than 1400 children. Let's do it!

Video report from Katavaram