Case Study

Suva Excellence 2.0

The Brief

Suva is the largest accident insurance company in Switzerland. It employs around 4200 people throughout Switzerland. As an independent company under public law, Suva insures people at work and in their leisure time.

On the eve of the ESPRIX Swiss Awards, Suva invited its key accounts to an event with this year's theme "Suva Excellence 2.0". In keeping with the ESPRIX Award philosophy (excellent thinking and acting, vision, innovation and creativity), Suva wanted to amaze its key accounts with a surprising program. During the trip from the hotel to the event location, they should be entertained in a playful way, with a focus on fun, excitement, digitalisation and local issues.

The Solution and Result

tabevents sent the key accounts with various vintage vehicles on a digitally guided discovery tour through Lucerne. During the trip to the event location, the participants solved quiz tasks that were specifically adapted to the respective route. In doing so, they demonstrated their creativity and innovative actions. In addition, the participants visited delicatessen producers and enjoyed tastings from local gourmet producers.

After the entertaining ride, the guests reached the extraordinary event location and were rewarded with an excellent dinner. The evening was framed with music from a live band, while the most beautiful pictures of the tabevents journey were presented via video projection.




Key Account Event



Number of people


"Perfectly coordinated theme - car - engine - current technology in attractive packaging"

SUVA - Head of Customer Management