Case Study

Distributor Meeting

The Brief

The Mibelle Group operates as a full-service provider for the production of private labels in the three business areas Personal Care, Home Care and Nutrition and Biochemistry. It maintains a close partnership with Migros as part of its business activities. This intensive cooperation enables Mibelle to offer suitable solutions for a wide range of customer requirements. After the annual strategy meeting, our customer wanted an event that emphasized this great partnership and the necessary cooperation.


tabevents has developed a digital scavenger hunt that started in the beautiful meeting location, the B2 Boutique Hotel. The first task for the teams was to get to the Zurich City Cloud as quickly as possible. Right from the start, the primary goal of this scavenger hunt was to emphasize time-saving and effective cooperation within the teams. The teams then had to find new Mibelle product lines in Zurich to solve the individual tasks created by tabevents. The teams not only had to prove their knowledge, but also developed fun and exciting print campaigns for the Mibelle products. At the end of the event, the distributors returned to the B2 Boutique Hotel, where a delicious aperitif and a thrilling award ceremony awaited them. An afternoon with some completely new challenges showed the employees that they can be fun and can best be solved together.


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Distributor Meeting



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