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Change Management Workshop


For more than half a century, Micarna has been the leading meat, poultry, and seafood producer in Switzerland and, as a member of the M-Industry, makes a significant contribution to the success of the Migros company.

In spring 2019, 170 Micarna employees gathered for a two-day change management workshop in Murten. As meat consumption in Switzerland is stagnating due to the booming veggie trend, Micarna needs to reorient itself and focus more on alternative and new sources of protein. This strategic turning point leads to profound changes that need to be embedded in the company culture. Micarna is thus in the midst of a transformative change process. The challenge of the workshop was not to convey abstract facts to the employees but to help them understand change know-how as a tangible and actionable reality.


The Change Game by tabevents utilizes the concept of play to make abstract topics such as organizational changes more understandable, sustainable, and, above all, entertaining. The aim is to strengthen trust and initiative and facilitate implementation in reality.

In addition to general creative, cognitive, and minor physical challenges, the content of the Change Game was tailored to the current themes of Micarna. Important internal messages were conveyed in a playful manner. In the "Protein Sources" task, employees' creativity was put to the test. Teams had to use Lego bricks to create an alternative protein product of the future. They then had to capture the new product photographically, with bonus points awarded for particularly creative proposals. The digital real-time gameplay format also integrated technological advancement and digital transformation within the company.

The integration of the Change Game into the two-day workshop enabled Micarna employees to experience the changes in their environment and the demands of their customers. Through the numerous positive experiences and enjoyment, the change was no longer perceived as an abstract threat but as an opportunity for personal development within the company. The Change Game not only demonstrated to employees that they need to adapt to the circumstances to remain successful but also that they are capable of doing so.


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Change Management Workshop



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«All participants were completely enthusiastic about the event and have continued to rave about it. The cooperation with the very committed tabevents team was uncomplicated in the preparation and the implementation was perfectly organised. We would be happy to do it again!»

Micarna AG - R. Lanter