Case Study

Lyreco staff event

The brief

The digital transformation in which Lyreco finds itself affects all employees. At the same time, it is so complex that it is difficult for individuals to grasp. With a quiz show at this year's employee event, together with our partner agency standing ovation we proved that digital transformation and customer centricity can also be communicated easily and comprehensibly. With a wording that is not abstract, but playfully addresses the topic of change: Lyreco Switch! In addition, in the run-up to the event, we started a customer survey for the quiz category "We asked 100 customers...", which provided a good opportunity for the sales force to talk to the customers and to better understand their perspective.

The solution and result

The Quiz Show was set up in the form of a TV production. Sven Epiney moderated the quiz in a humorous way and gave the event the necessary show character. In addition to general exciting quiz categories, the specially developed categories were about assessing the customer correctly ("We asked 100 customers ..."). Who of all participants was most successful in switching to the customer perspective?

The quiz show was played in teams to give employees the opportunity to meet new people within the company and strengthen the internal network. The countdown on the stage LED created the necessary drama in the final game phase. 

Customer Lyreco

Employee event Lyreco Switch


Zurich - Samsung Hall

Number of people




«tabevents has enabled us to communicate the change of perspective in the context of customer centricity to our employees in a lively and digital way.» 

Lyreco - Tina Kempf