Case Study

Saviva Senior Management Meeting

The brief

The Saviva AG is a subsidiary company of Migros with about 670 employees and two divisions: CCA Angehrn for the pickup and Scana for the delivery service in the field of wholesale extra domestic catering. The aim at the beginning of the new year was to playfully impart the newly defined business objectives to their managers and to promote the team building processes.

The solution and result

The guests were welcomed in the idyllic environment of Adlisberg. After a pleasant aperitif and a short welcoming speech they were taken to the city centre of Zurich by bus. From there, the teams started their discovery tour of Zurich and were introduced to the Saviva objectives at the same time. The tasks were based on daily challenges such as time management, competition and teamwork.


The challenges the teams had to overcome and the involvement of every participant in the final result provided a lot of fun and surprising outcomes. The objectives of Saviva were discussed and consequently gained an individual significance and importance for everyone. During these interesting hours of adventure, contacts were made to strengthen everyday relationships.


Saviva AG


Strategy Kick-off



Number of people


Happy client feedback

«All the participants really enjoyed the event and were enthusiastic about it for a long time. The cooperation and preparation of the event with the tabevents team were straightforward and the realisation was well organized. Any time again!»

Saviva - Marketing