Case Study

Introduction day with digital employee trail


The City Hospital Zurich is a nationally renowned and highly modern central hospital with multiple locations. The hospital employs around 4,000 employees. On average, between 100 and 150 new employees start each month. The first day of work is not only important for the new employees but also for the employer. A successful introduction day is essential for employee motivation, productivity, and establishing a foundation for good collaboration. But how should such a first day of work be organized? Are there new approaches and ideas to make this important day exciting and innovative?

The three central questions for all involved were: How can these many new employees remain receptive despite the large amount of information to be conveyed? How can it be ensured that they find their way in the company while also establishing initial personal contacts? Is there an alternative to the traditional introduction event with lengthy PowerPoint presentations?

The City Hospital has found an answer to these questions and, together with tabevents, created an exciting and creative first day of work in the form of a team game.


In a close collaboration, the content, routes, and themes of the game were defined. tabevents supported the HR team in developing the tasks and then programmed the "City Hospital Trail." On the trail, the new employees, divided into up to 30 small teams, embark on an interactive and exciting 2 ½-hour exploration journey through the hospital grounds.

An important goal was to create interdisciplinary teams because a hospital can only be successful when collaboration functions across hierarchies, departments, and professional groups. Once the teams have formed and equipped with a team iPad, their mission is to independently explore both locations and collect as many points as possible. Important topics such as confidentiality, safety, or hygiene are communicated playfully. At the same time, employees get to know the hospital area and visit places like the service desk, cafeteria, or clothing distribution.

To ensure that the normal hospital operations are not disturbed, an individual route was developed for each team. After one location is discovered, they move directly to the second location. The bus transfer was also integrated into the game. The team iPad with the tabevents software serves as a constant companion, guiding the way and providing teams with important information and exciting tasks.

The focus of the tasks is on the exchange between employees. Answers to questions and creative solutions need to be combined and discussed within the team. This ensures that after the trail, new employees not only find their way around the hospital but also establish important initial personal contacts.

After conducting the new City Hospital Trail for over half a year, the feedback from employees has been consistently positive. They appreciate this innovative and varied creative workday, which helps them start the demanding hospital routine in a cheerful manner.


Introduction day with digital employee trail



Number of people

100 bis 150 per month

City Hospital Zurich


«The City Hospital Trail opened up new possibilities for us to quickly integrate new employees into our large company with multiple locations. The modern treasure hunt brings a lot of fun to our new colleagues and conveys important content in a playful manner. Thanks to the seamless collaboration with tabevents, we can easily incorporate necessary adjustments at any time.»

City Hospital Zurich - Martin Talamona, Head of Personal and Organization Development