Case Study

Carnival Association Oohregrööbler

The brief

The “Guggenmusik Oohregröbler” is a young carnival team consisting of about 50 musicians. The team “Grööbler” is characterized by a very active club life, that includes in addition to the music rehearsals and the legendary “Fasnacht” also divers club events.

The “Guggenmusik” planned another club event and wished for an exciting team challenge day. Because each single challengesneeded to be flexible, tricky and be realizable everywhere, the Escape Game from tabevents was the perfect start challenge for the day.


In their best mood, the participants met on the town square in Rotkreuz. Every team was dressed according to a music theme that provided for a colorful and fun appearance. After a short briefing through the event leader the first challenge started. Escape Game – deactivated... Many exciting challenges were waiting for team rocker, hip hopper and Jamaica. 

After 66 minutes the time was over… the teams were eagerly expecting the award ceremony. Which team was leading and deactivated the virus the quickest? The teams could win vehicles, that brought them to the next location. There, the next challenge was waiting for them. So the faster they got there, the better chances they would have to win the whole challenge. Bikes, e-bikes, tandem-bikes and even a limousine could be earned by the teams. It was a great atmosphere and the winner team was astonished over their accomplishment. But still there was no time to lose. The next challenge was already waiting for the Grööbler Let's go!




Annual Event



Number of people



«The Escape Game was a perfekt and exciting start for our team challenge day. From the beginning on till the end we had to solve lots of tricky tasks and riddles...»

Guggenmusik Oohregrööbler - Pascal Knüsel