Report - my first digital team scavenger hunt in Basel

After a guide from the tabevents team had explained to us how everything worked, our group was divided into different teams and we set off straight away. Our team navigated through Basel using an Ipad. I found it exciting that we always knew where the other teams were and how many points they already had.

It was great to get to know each other from a completely different angle, as one team member turned out to be an expert on Asia and another surprised us all with her courage. We wouldn't have been able to solve one of the difficult bonus tasks without her.

What particularly impressed me about this concept was how the game and the real city merged together. The different types of tasks are transmitted via the Ipad, a special software apparently makes this possible. The tabevents team has shown great skill in incorporating interesting facts and background knowledge about the history of the city into the tour. Never before have I experienced such an exciting scavenger hunt. They were able to familiarise even a Basel native with Basel once again. When we tried to solve a task on one of the Rhine ferries, we got talking to the ferryman. The interaction was a constant part of the tasks and made for an unforgettable experience.

The showdown with the award ceremony was almost secondary in view of the great experiences and new acquaintances. But admittedly, our team was a bit ambitious and we wanted to know whether we had perhaps even won? After all, our team was in third place until half an hour before the end.

Many thanks for a great day.

Miriam Rosak, Novartis, Basel