Second Solar Panel installed successfully in Indian school

The next important step has been completed. Thanks to the "Sustainable India Project" of Kelly Mermuys, the first solar panel was installed in a school in Katavaram Thanda in April 2018. Now the second school can benefit from the valuable solar energy. The educational quality of 82 students of the primary school in Katavaram will improve in the longer term. "Solar energy is a great step forward for our school", emphasizes the Rector, Mr. Hemachandrudu. In the future, various technologies will make learning easier and more varied. In addition, the solar energy generated will ensure the school's water supply: "The installation of an electric pump on our bore well will not only provide teachers and children with valuable drinking water and ensure that the toilet flushing system works, but will also increase the yields of our agriculture," says headmistress Dhanalaxmi.

However, the goal of the "Sustainable India Project" has not been achieved for a long time yet. A total of six public schools in Telangana State around Hyderabad are to be equipped with photovoltaic solar systems and emergency power batteries. This will have a positive impact on the education and future of more than 1400 children. We are ready for the next step!

Videoreport aus Katavaram